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EST. 2023

​Our journey began with a shared vision between two friends: to establish a community uniting individuals, brands, and thought leaders embracing a holistic approach to wellness, health, beauty, fashion, and more. After a thorough assessment of hundreds of applicants, we diligently selected top-tier independent brands celebrated for their outstanding expertise in their respective industries. Our community comprises a marketplace, exclusive invite-only curated events, and educational resources centered around the holistic world.                      

The rest is zenstory

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Natural adaptogens are a group of herbs and plants known for their ability to help the body adapt to stress, both physical and mental, promoting balance and resilience. These substances are believed to regulate the body's stress response by supporting the adrenal glands and modulating stress hormone levels like cortisol. Adaptogens are thought to enhance the body's ability to cope with various stressors, potentially improving energy levels, mental clarity, and overall well-being.



Holistic nutrition is an approach that considers the entire individual, focusing on the interconnected relationship between food, lifestyle, and overall well-being. It emphasizes whole, natural foods and supplements that nourish the body, providing not just physical sustenance but also supporting mental and emotional health. Holistic nutrition aims to balance and optimize one's health by addressing nutritional needs unique to each person, taking into account factors like stress levels, sleep patterns, and personal preferences. 


Sustainable fashion, also known as eco-fashion or ethical fashion, is an approach to clothing and apparel design, production, and consumption that seeks to minimize the negative impacts on the environment, society, and the global economy.

Sustainable fashion
Ethical jewelry


Ethically sourced jewelry is crafted using materials obtained through environmentally and socially responsible means, such as recycled metals or gemstones mined under fair labor conditions. It ensures transparency in its supply chain, disclosing the origins and journey of the materials used. This jewelry supports fair wages, safe working conditions, and equitable treatment for all involved in its creation, from miners to artisans. Brands offering ethically sourced jewelry often contribute to community development in areas where their materials are sourced, fostering positive impacts on local communities. Ultimately, ethically sourced jewelry aims to minimize its environmental footprint and uphold ethical standards throughout its production process.

holistic clinic


Receive all-encompassing care nurturing your mind, body, and spirit at our carefully selected holistic partner clinics in London. These clinics integrate conventional and alternative therapies, crafting a holistic approach aimed at enhancing your overall wellness. Experience personalized treatments designed specifically for your individual needs.



Holistic skincare is an approach that considers overall well-being and is focused on the broader  interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit in relation to skin health. It involves using natural, non-toxic products and incorporating lifestyle factors (such as nutrition, stress management, and mindfulness) to achieve healthy skin. Holistic skincare emphasizes treating the root causes of skin issues rather than just addressing surface-level symptoms. This approach often involves a combination of natural ingredients, mindfulness practices, balanced nutrition, and personalized skincare routines tailored to individual needs.

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