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Cokoa - 71% Caramel, 200ml x 12

Cokoa - 71% Caramel, 200ml x 12


Dark chocolate almond drink made with rich in phyto- & micro- nutrients made with 100% natural cacao and lightly sweetened with organic coconut sugar expertly crafted to produce a creamy texture. High in fibre and iron.


  • High in Fibre & Iron
  • Source of Protein, Calcium & Vitamins
  • 106 kcal per 200ml bottle
  • Keto friendly
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Source of Iron, Calcium & Vitamins B2, B12, D, E.

    Reference Intakes = RI

    Per 200ml* (%RI): Calcium: 148mg (18%), Vitamin B2 0.27mg(20%), Vitamin B12 0.43μg(17%), Vitamin D 0.90μg(18%), Iron 3.6mg(26%), Magnesium 39.0mg(10%)

    Per 100ml*: Calcium 74mg, Vitamin B2 0.14mg, Vitamin B12 0.22μg, Vitamin D 0.45μg, Iron 1.8mg(26%), Magnesium 19.5mg

    *Exact values may be up to 67% higher. Calculated with a 40% loss assumption from production process to end of shelf life.

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